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Team Building for the New Business Owner

By Dennis Siggins

Behind every successful business owner is his/her team; vendors, customers, and investors, to name a few. But the most important team every new business owner will build is the team of people he works with every day – employees.  In 40 years of launching successful start-ups in several industries, I have developed a strategic process for each of the five steps to building a great team.  But before we dive into the team-building process, let’s take a side road and visit “Moneyball”.

Team building by the “Moneyball” approach

Based on the story of the 2002 Oakland A’s baseball season, the movie (book) “Moneyball” focusses on team building with a lower overall payroll.  The Moneyball story begins when Oakland does not have the money that the larger market teams (like the New York Yankees) have to spend on player salaries, so General Manager Billy Bean and his team of statisticians determine that most Major League Baseball teams are overpaying for talent.  Billy Beane theorizes that batting average, home runs, and pizzazz are overvalued assets, while on-base percentage and pitches taken are greatly undervalued assets.  Oakland is forced, by economics, to unload many players, including two key offensive weapons, All Stars Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi, who are picked up by Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees at combined salaries of $21 Million.  Oakland replaces Johnny Damon with aging centerfielder David Justice (The NY Yankees are paying half of Justice’s salary.) and Scott Hatteberg, who they scored for near league minimum $237,000.  

Throughout the 2002 season, Justice and Hatteberg put up on-base percentage numbers similar to those of Giambi and Damon (but at a fraction of the price), and the rest of the team fills in the gaps.  The experiment works and Oakland wins more games than any other team that year, including an MLB season-best 20 game win streak, and they do this with a combined salary that is one third of the Yankees.

Because the experiment worked for Oakland in 2002, The Boston Red Sox developed the same philosophy and, in 2004, won the World Series (breaking the Red Sox’ 86-year curse), and three more subsequent World Series’ in the new millennium, using Billy Bean’s Stat-based strategy.  Now, in major league sports, every team has a stat department, so secrets are hard to keep.  Since that 2002 season, all teams now consider on-base percentage and pitches taken to be key statistics, so the word is out!

The lesson we learn from Moneyball is simple; find the piece to the team building process, the undervalued assets, that everyone else is not seeing.  Fortunately for many of us, our competitors in business are not as astute as major league sports teams, so when we develop a creative way of team building, we can keep it in our back pocket and continue to use the method almost indefinitely!

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Nick Titus Named President of Minuteman Press International, Making Way for Third Generation of Family-Owned Franchise System

Franchise Marketing Systems

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. – Minuteman Press International, the world’s leading design, marketing, and printing franchise, is proud to announce the promotion of Nick Titus to President. Nick is the third-generation President of Minuteman Press, which remains a family-owned and operated franchisor with World Headquarters in Long Island, NY and nearly 1,000 independently owned and operated franchises worldwide. Previously, Nick was Vice President of Marketing. Bob Titus will remain the Company’s CEO.

Nick Titus says, “We have a tremendous company with incredible people who care about its success. Most importantly, the foundation and strength of our organization relies on having dedicated franchise owners. I believe that our company is strong and we are in a very good position for continued growth.”

Nick continues, “Our three main goals are: 1. to get our stores’ average to $750,000 per year in sales; 2. to get our systemwide gross sales to over half a billion dollars; and 3. to reach over 1,000 locations. We are pushing our support staff to conduct more individual meetings and evaluations to help ensure strong profitability and help make recommendations for continued growth.”

Growing up in the family business, Nick Titus started working at Minuteman Press International World Headquarters during summer and winter breaks throughout high school and college. After graduating from Quinnipiac University in 2007 with a degree in Business Management, Nick joined the Minuteman Press team full-time. “I started out as a Marketing Rep working directly with franchise owners and learning the inside of the business, then moved into our marketing department working on different ways to promote the business. Each year, I took on more and more responsibilities and became involved in different areas. One of the things I love about our business is that every day is a new challenge. Our owners come from so many different walks of life and it’s so enjoyable to work with them and to be able to help them succeed in owning their own business.”

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Peter Castorena Joins Minuteman Press International President’s Million-Dollar Circle for Top Franchise Performers

Franchise Marketing Systems

LOS ANGELES & LANCASTER, Calif. – When Peter Castorena left his previous career behind as a retail buyer for Macy’s 13 years ago, he decided it was time to bet on himself and become his own boss. He decided that joining the Minuteman Press franchise family in Lancaster, CA was the right fit for him. Today, Peter is the newest member of the Minuteman Press International President’s Million-Dollar Circle as his design, marketing, and printing franchise has now achieved yearly gross sales of at least $1 million.

On this accomplishment, Peter says, “It honestly feels like I finally made it, but as I look back at the years it took to get here and the business that’s been built, I’m glad for the journey along the way.  It’s been a fun 13 years with Minuteman Press and I look forward to many more to come.  Just because we’ve reached the Million-Dollar Circle, no one is interested in taking a break.  We’re excited to see what our little center in Lancaster, CA can do and what we can accomplish.”

Looking back on his past and seeing where he is today, Peter reflects, “I was a buyer for a national retail organization. It was a great job. I got to use someone else’s checkbook to develop a brand of business – everything from buying the right product, advertising it and selling it. One of the biggest knowledge gaps Minuteman Press helped me fill was corporate compartmentalization. In my previous life, there were departments that helped me handle things (HR, advertising, accounting, operations). From the first two weeks of franchise training through to today, Minuteman Press helps me with whatever aspect of my business I need a hand with, and they have taught me how to do all of these things as the business owner and not just an employee.”

“Congratulations to Peter and his team for their exceptional efforts in building his business in Lancaster,” says Dan Byers, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, Southern California. “Peter follows the Minuteman Press franchise business model and he is truly passionate about helping his clients and community in any way he can to make a positive impact in Lancaster.”

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U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Retired Firefighter David Farmer Brings a Life of Public Service to Minuteman Press in Chester, VA

Franchise Marketing SystemsCHESTER, Va. – After dedicating his life and career to public service, David Farmer has realized his dream of owning his own business. A former U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, David is the new owner of the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and digital printing franchise located at 4100 W Hundred Rd. in Chester, Virginia.

David reflects on his journey to Minuteman Press: "I am a retired firefighter/ paramedic with over 30 years of public service. I also served 11 years in The United States Marines Corps Reserves. I was honored to serve 18 months of active duty post 9/11. My latest career path prior to entering the Minuteman Press family was as an emergency manager for HCA."

Today, David provides the community of Chester with high quality products and services that are provided by the trustworthy team he is happy to have in place. He says, "Minuteman Press in Chester is a Veteran-owned small business that offers a wide range of services to assist your business, organization or team reach their goals. We are a full-service print shop that produces excellent products along with an endless variety of promotional items, marketing items, graphic design and website creation. We want to assist you in completing projects, delivering your marketing messages and promoting your efforts."

While David is new to business ownership, he has a unique understanding of his customers' needs because he used to be a client himself. He explains, "I chose Minuteman Press because of the positive experiences that I have with the company. I utilized the services of the Chester store on numerous occasions and for different organizations. I was impressed with the ability of the store to assist me in creating my projects. The franchise seemed to care about each customer and worked hard to satisfy my needs."

David elaborates on Minuteman Press in Chester's unique ability to serve such a diverse group of clients: "We serve a wide variety of clients in the Chesterfield area. Our largest client is a local trash collection company. They request several large projects per month. We also serve several churches, schools, restaurants, charities, and sports teams. One of my favorite groups to work with is a paralyzed Veterans organization. Another of my favorite clients is a local preacher. He brings such a positive vibe to the shop while he's there due to his friendliness, eagerness to serve others, and his desire to always improve his sermons."

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Husband and Wife Franchise Team Jeff and Dawn Brown Open Minuteman Press in Kent, Washington

Franchise Marketing SystemsKENT, Wash. – For Dawn and Jeff Brown, buying a newly converted Minuteman Press franchise in Kent, Washington simply made sense. Dawn says, "We chose Minuteman Press International for a few reasons. The first was that their core values aligned with our own. Minuteman Press is still a family-owned franchise business and that appealed to us. It had that small-town feel, but with the resources of an international company. We also liked how as franchisees we had a full support system behind us as owners." Jeff and Dawn have been married for over 25 years and are excited to own their business together. Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Jeff worked in software development for over 20 years. He and Dawn have five children and they enjoy volunteering, camping, and spending time with their family. While raising their children, Dawn enjoyed philanthropy work for several non-profit organizations and she returned to college to finish her degree in Communications.

Dawn says, "Since we have been married for over 25 years, we are well accustomed to working together. Our business relationship easily transitioned from our personal relationship. We both have strengths that when combined, make up a pretty amazing team."

One crucial aspect of franchise ownership that Jeff and Dawn also appreciate is the positive team culture fostered by Minuteman Press International that they have seen first-hand. Dawn says, "We love the franchise support we receive from Minuteman Press. Our local Regional Vice President Chris Jutt is a rock star at marketing and encouragement."

Minuteman Press in Kent serves a wide range of clients in their business community. Jeff says, "Some of the different types of customers and industries we support range from the startup business such as a new flower shop to the big corporate players and government contracts. We are also well-known for our vehicle decals and wide format outdoor signage."

Dawn elaborates, "One of our clients is the Muckleshoot Gaming Commission. They created an employee reward program using variable data printing on plastic cards. We worked closely with them on this project and are looking forward to seeing how the program impacts morale. Another client is a new restaurant just across the street Bahn 12. We have developed a friendship as a result of our business partnership and they have the best Laos food!"

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Why Franchise Marketing Systems Exhibits with National Events

Franchise Marketing SystemsFranchise Marketing Systems is entering its 7th consecutive year of exhibiting with National Events franchise expositions.  The National Event shows have consistently been high-performing shows for the franchise marketplace and have historically been some of the franchise industry’s most premium and professional franchise shows.  Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise development and franchise consulting group who works with new and existing businesses to develop, promote and market franchise concepts to scale brands into new markets.  The National Event shows are held on a relatively frequent basis in markets across the U.S. and Canada and are excellent venues for meeting and interacting face to face with other franchise industry professionals and franchise brands. 

One of the reasons that Franchise Marketing Systems chooses to exhibit at all National Event shows is the size of the exhibits.  There is a sense of coziness and intimacy with the franchise expositions where with 60-100 franchise exhibitors almost every exhibitor is able to interact with each attendee that visits the franchise expo.  These shows will generally bring one to two thousand attendees and are held in both primary and secondary markets allowing franchisors to promote their brand in areas that are generally underserved by larger franchise expositions.  The shows are held in convenient locations in and around metro areas which serve not only the local city, but also the region. 

Franchise Marketing Systems has found the shows to be professionally managed, well attended and consistently marketed to drive traffic and awareness in the markets they are held.  The staff at National Events is always attentive and makes the experience of marketing a service or franchise model through them efficient and easy.  In addition, National Event has provided a variety of franchise industry professionals the opportunity to speak and conduct workshops on their area of expertise free of charge to attendees.  These workshops are valuable, interactive and always serve as great venues for people considering franchising to learn more about the business and the franchise practice. 

Franchise Marketing Systems works closely with a wide array of new franchisors who are bringing their system to market and working to promote their brand in order to attract the first franchisees.  The investment to market at the National Event shows are reasonable enough to make the shows work incredibly well for new franchise brands with somewhat limited marketing budgets.  Even with the transition to digital marketing and advertising in franchising, the franchise expo model has proven to be remarkably effective for franchise brands which proves that nothing will replace the value of a face to face meeting with a handshake. 

Chris Conner, President of Franchise Marketing Systems, had this to say, “We’ve always supported the National Event shows and believe strongly in the concept of franchise expositions, although we recommend a variety of marketing channels to franchisors, the Franchise expos are consistently part of new and existing franchise marketing plans.  We appreciate the consistency and professional relationship that National Events has always shown us and our clients who exhibit with them.”

Franchise Marketing Systems has signed up for the balance of the franchise shows in 2018 and committed to the full schedule of shows for 2019. 

Charles White


Father-Daughter Franchisees John Prinkey and Kate Cusato Buy Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Frederick, Maryland

FREDERICK, Md. – Minuteman Press International is proud to welcome John Prinkey and Kate Cusato as the new owners of the established Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise located at 917A West 7th Street in Frederick, Maryland. John says, "Kate and I completed our franchise training at Minuteman Press headquarters in Farmingdale, NY in October 2017 and were up and running the first week of November. We were fortunate to have purchased an existing location that had been family run for 30 years and well cared for."

Together, John and Kate are a dynamic father-daughter franchise duo; they help other businesses grow and provide a positive workplace culture for their employees and each other. Kate says, "Working with my dad has really been a dream come true. My parents were always supportive and kind and I am very lucky."

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Minuteman Press International Launches Franchise Marketing Campaign We Are The Modern Printing Industry

Backed by continued research and development of the latest printing technology, each Minuteman Press franchise meets the design, marketing, and printing needs of today's business professionals.

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.—Minuteman Press International, the world's leading design, marketing, and printing franchise, continues to build momentum in 2018 with their marketing campaign, We Are The Modern Printing Industry.™

We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ is designed to raise awareness about how Minuteman Press International has embraced the advancements in print technology in order to print on more products than ever before. The marketing campaign also speaks to the ability of each Minuteman Press franchise to meet the design, marketing, printing, and promotional needs of today's business professionals.
Bob Titus, Minuteman Press President and CEO, reflects on the history of Minuteman Press International and its current position as the modern printing industry. He says, "For our first 30 years, we thrived on ink on paper. We had vendors and suppliers in place over those years to produce promotional products, plaques, awards, and banners. Our biggest vendors were 3M and Multigraphics. Today, our vendors include companies such as Xerox, Konica Minolta, HP, Epson, BIC Graphic, SanMar and Vantage Apparel. We have always been full-service and it is really amazing at how the industry has grown and enabled our franchise owners to bring a lot of this technology in-house."

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Win-Win: Minuteman Press Franchisee Matthew Rebelo Joins Family Business in Encinitas, CA; Buys Second Franchise in Sorrento Valley with Encinitas Manager Shaun Peebles

After Working as an Attorney for 10 Years, Matthew Rebelo Came from South Africa to Southern California to Help His Parents Gabriel and Marcia with Their Minuteman Press Franchise in Encinitas; Matthew Shares His Insights on Joining the Family Business in a Whole New Country

ENCINITAS & SORRENTO VALLEY, Calif.—Gabriel and Marcia Rebelo arrived in the U.S. from Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012. Their American Dream came true when they purchased the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise located at 1538 Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas, California. Matthew Rebelo joined the family business in 2016, following in his parents' footsteps and coming to the U.S. himself after working as an attorney for 10 years. Today, Matthew is now the co-owner of his second Minuteman Press printing franchise in Sorrento Valley with Shaun Peebles, a skilled manager, graphic designer, digital printing specialist that has worked with the Rebelo family since the beginning.

Together, the Rebelo family and Shaun Peebles have successfully grown their Minuteman Press franchises while the Gabriel, Marcia, and Matthew have established themselves in a whole new country. They have been graciously embraced by the business community as well as their customers in Encinitas and Sorrento Valley, and are thankful for the franchise training and ongoing support they have received from their franchisor. As he reflects on his journey to entrepreneurship, Matthew offers his Minuteman Press franchise review and shares key insights about owning and growing a successful family printing business.

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Rammp Hospitality Celebrates Milestone With Grand Opening Of First Mr Mikes® SteakhouseCasual In Ontario

Mr MikesRAMMP Hospitality Brands Inc. (RAMMP) the parent company behind Canadian restaurant franchise MR MIKES® SteakhouseCasual (MR MIKES®), is proud to announce the opening of the franchise’s first location in Ontario. The restaurant will open its doors in Welland on November 21, 2017 and marks the first Eastern Canada location for MR MIKES® in its nearly 60-year history.

Recognizing Ontario’s strong economy and favourable business conditions, RAMMP saw an opportunity to grow the national franchise in Eastern Canada. The expansion into Ontario is a reflection of RAMMP’s ongoing commitment to bring MR MIKES® casual dining environment and comfort food favourites to Canadians from coast to coast. MR MIKES® Welland marks 37 locations for the national franchise, which currently boasts 36 locations across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Entrepreneur Homecoming: International Minute Press Design, Marketing and Printing Franchise in Plymouth, Michigan Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

After working for major companies like Google and General Motors, Joe Safadi was looking to own a business. With International Minute Press in Plymouth, Joe Safadi brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his customers as he comes back home to where he grew up.

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Minuteman Press International Launches New B2B Franchise Marketing Video – Working Together to Build Your Business

The Latest Video from Minuteman Press International Highlights the Importance of Building Relationships as a B2B Franchise Owner; Video is Available on Minuteman Press Franchise Review YouTube Channel.

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Minuteman Press International Listed as Number 1 Franchise Headquartered in New York State by Cost Information Website

Criteria for rankings included company size, financial strength, startup costs (initial investment), brand reputation, and franchise growth potential.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Bryan Agnello Celebrates Six Years in Business, Carries On His Wife's Legacy through a Business They Built Together

For Bryan Agnello, running a business he operated with his late wife Jenna motivates him to keep growing while building on her legacy.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Celebrates Grand Opening in Upper Marlboro, MD

When her job in web development and graphic design was downsized, Juanita Glenn decided she wanted to be her own boss. After doing her due diligence, Juanita opened a new Minuteman Press franchise in Upper Marlboro, MD, which offers essential printing, marketing, and branding solutions that meet the needs of today's business professionals.

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Mom and Entrepreneur: Minuteman Press Franchisee Renee Mansour Increases Gross Sales by 341 Percent, Celebrates Two Years in Business in Bend.

In February 2015, Renee Mansour bought an existing Minuteman Press franchise for sale in Bend, OR. Since then, she has worked hard on behalf of her growing customer base, followed the Minuteman Press program for success, and has increased gross sales by 341 percent.

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Like Father Like Daughter: Minuteman Press Franchise in Napa, CA Celebrates 24 Years in Business

Don Krieger became a Minuteman Press franchise owner in Napa, CA in 1993 and is now celebrating 24 years in business. His daughter Leigh used to help out on summer breaks when she was younger, and she officially joined the business eight years ago. Don and Leigh share their insights on working together, what they've learned from each other, and how to run a successful family business.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Has Grand Opening in Tyler, Texas

TYLER, Texas—Mark and Darrie Daniels own the new Minuteman Press design, print and marketing franchise in Tyler, Texas. At their recent grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony organized with the Tyler Chamber of Commerce, Mark and Darrie welcomed community members, colleagues and friends to their center located at 322 E SE Loop 323, Suite 130.

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Minuteman Press International Franchisees’ Positive Feedback Earns it a Spot on Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top Franchises List

January 9, 2017… FARMINGDALE, N.Y.—Franchise Business Review, a leading franchisee satisfaction research firm, identified Minuteman Press International as one of its 2017 Top Franchises after surveying its franchisees.

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All in the Family

Minuteman Press Franchise in Cherry Hill, NJ Celebrates 24 Years in Business; Frank Bittner, Jr. Shares His Insights as Second-Generation Owner. Frank Bittner, Jr. started his career in the printing industry when he was just 18 years-old working alongside his father Frank, Sr.; he has certainly learned a lot along the way. Today, Frank is the second-generation owner of Minuteman Press in Cherry Hill, NJ, which is celebrating 24 years in business as part of the world's largest digital printing, design, and marketing franchise.

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Could This Be The Next Big Burrito Franchise?

In Mikey Wetzel’s calculation, the fast casual burrito frontier might be a competitive and crowded place, but it is far from cramped. And when he says calculate, he isn’t overstating. Wetzel didn’t dream up his restaurant as much as he programmed it. Since 2013, the former video-game developer has been refining and polishing Go Burrito in Salisbury, North Carolina, the home of legendary soft drink Cheerwine, with his sights set on the future. In that time, while Wetzel says he hasn’t reinvented the wheel, he does think he’s fostered a concept capable of sharing the table with the Moe’s, Chipotles, and Qdobas of the world.

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Home Storage Solutions Provide Fast Growing Franchise Opportunities

Taking advantage of the ever-growing home improvement industry, Closets by Design have grasped the concept that home owners are looking to add comfort, style and value to their homes. One of the most common upgrades people make is to add better storage, whether it be in their bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, garage or home office.

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Iconic Franchises—Then and Now

Every iconic franchise began somewhere. Every one started with a single store opening its doors to a public that had never heard of it and didn’t know what to expect. These entrepreneurs had no idea what they were launching—and no inkling that their concept would take the world by storm. What did these original outlets look like? What do they look like now? Some of the world’s biggest chains have preserved their first stores so customers can get a look.

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Caltex chief executive Julian Segal warns 'immoral' franchisees on wages

The issues of wage fraud occurring across multiple industries last year and more recently alleged in the Caltex franchisee network are unacceptable. Depriving employees of their entitlements is illegal and immoral.

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Advising clients who own fast-food franchises

Brad Griswold’s Pennsylvania planning firm didn’t intend to specialize in serving franchise business owners, but when Griswold agreed to a strategic partnership with a local accounting firm some 15 years ago, the practice started moving in that direction. The accounting firm had relationships with a number of McDonald’s franchisees. One client led to the next. Now Concannon Wealth Management works with McDonald’s franchisees in 11 states. This niche accounts for about 25% of the firm’s $425 million in assets under management.

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Anytime Fitness Co-Founders & New York Times Best-Selling Author Announced as General Session Speakers at #IFA2017

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Franchise Association -- the world's oldest and largest organization representing franchising globally – announced its main-stage speakers today for #IFA2017. Celebrated Anytime Fitness co-founders, Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon, and New York Times best-selling author and leading business consultant, Marcus Buckingham, will speak at IFA's 57th Annual Convention. #IFA2017 will take place Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, 2017, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Anytime Fitness Co-Founders Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon will share how they developed 3,500 franchised units and 36 company-owned locations in 50 states and 30 countries in just 15 years. The company has been ranked #1 on Entrepreneur's Top Global Franchise list for two consecutive years, making them the fastest-growing co-ed fitness franchise in the world. Mortensen and Runyon credit Anytime Fitness' success to the well-trained franchise development teams and franchisees that have worked alongside them to grow, strengthen and successfully take the brand to the height of the franchise fitness world. Attendees can learn more about these essential foundation-building tools and how to develop a passionate and loyal customer base when the duo speaks on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the 8 a.m. Super Session.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Celebrates Grand Opening in Paoli, Pennsylvania

PAOLI, Pa.--The Minuteman Press franchise in Paoli, Pennsylvania recently held its grand opening and is open for business at 1776 E. Lancaster Ave., Unit 13. Owners Barry and Philip Kitain are the latest father and son franchise team to get started with Minuteman Press International, the world's largest design, print, and marketing franchise.

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Office Pride of Dover wins top franchise honors

DOVER — Mark and Kelly Eckels, owners of Office Pride of Dover, won the “Franchise of the Year” and “Standards of Excellence” awards at the company’s recent annual retreat and awards ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky. Office Pride, a national franchise, is a full-service commercial cleaning and total-floor care company.

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Minimum wage hike isn't stopping massive franchise growth in Arizona

It's a good time to open a restaurant franchise, even if Arizonans just voted to hike the minimum wage.

"Franchising as a business model has moved past the recession in terms of the availability of financing for both franchisors and small business owners," said Jeff Wolf, partner at Quarles & Brady LLP, which handles franchise litigation. "There was a point in time where franchising was slow to none because of the lack of financing. I don’t know how unique it is to Phoenix, but it certainly is something that’s triggering a lot of franchise sales."

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Veterans Taking A Tour Of Duty As Franchise Owners

Larkin Frazier of Nashville, Tennessee, started his military career right out of college. He went in as a commissioned officer for the armed forces, serving from 2000 to 2004, including a deployment to Iraq as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Frazier has transitioned from the military to civilian life and corporate America, cutting his teeth in the healthcare sector.

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Ruby’s Franchise Systems, Inc. Continues Expansion of Unique Concepts in Key U.S. Markets

Newport Beach, CA  (  Ruby’s Franchise Systems, Inc, the creator of Ruby’s Diner and America’s favorite burgers, fries and shakes, today announced the continued expansion of the company’s unique non-traditional store concepts in key U.S. growth markets. Two new franchise locations are set to open including Ruby’s Diner Concession Kiosk at Valley View Casino Center in Point Loma, California and Ruby’s Express at Outlets at Anthem in Phoenix, Arizona. Ruby’s Franchise Systems, Inc plans to open additional locations through the end of the year, with three new Ruby’s Diners slated to open in Southern California in December 2016.

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Franchise expo offers options as Calgarians look to diversify

About 50 vendors hoped to engage with Calgarians at a franchise expo this weekend — and with the Alberta economy in a downturn, some say it's an option to consider.

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Print is Everywhere! Minuteman Press Franchise Reviews Promotional Products Facts and Figures with New Football Field Infographic

Minuteman Press has released the latest infographic in their series – Print is Everywhere! – that uses the backdrop of a football field to demonstrate how businesses can score big with promotional products. Minuteman Press International is the world's largest design, print, and marketing franchise.

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Preschool Franchise Identifies Philadelphia as a Key Market for New Schools

Primrose Schools, a leading early childhood education and care franchise, has identified metro-Philadelphia as a key growth market with increasing demand for high-quality education and care services. To meet this need, the franchising company is actively seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for educating the next generation of leaders at The Franchise Expo on Jan. 15-16 at Hall C of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

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OK Franchise Group adds OK Can Cleaning Service franchise concept to its Franchises4Veterans program.

OK Can Cleaning decided to join Franchises4Veterans as it was created after OK Franchise Group, studied other veteran transition initiatives which offered some savings to Veterans on the initial franchise fee, or monthly fees, or both.

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Canada's Largest, Fastest-Growing Build-Your-Own Pizza And Baked Panini Concept Is Coming To The Greater Toronto Area!

After opening 9 highly successful locations across Quebec, Pannizza is introducing its original build-your-own pizza and baked panini concept to Ontario, launching its first location in Mississauga this November.

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CPR Cell Phone Repair Opens New Franchise Store in Dover, DE

CPR Cell Phone Repair warmly welcomes Robert Zlock to the network with the opening of his new franchise store located in Dover, DE.

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The Entrepreneur's Source Named Top Franchise Coaching Franchise

The Entrepreneur's Source®, was recently ranked one of the top ten "Best Business Consulting/Coaching" brands in an independent rating survey published by

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Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar Set For 7th Anniversary Blowout This Weekend at Original Route 22 Location

Free Beerfest, $.59 Wings All Weekend Long, $500 Cornhole Tournament and $250 Wing Eating Contest All on Tap at Central Pennsylvania's Favorite Sports Bar

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Express Employment's Clydesdales return to Calgary Stampede

Hiring franchise system Express Employment Professionals' Clydesdales are appearing at this year's Calgary Stampede

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Planet Beach Offering Franchise Incentive For a Limited Time

This limited offer extends to any qualified candidates looking to open a traditional Planet Beach or a Planet Beach located inside of an LA Fitness.

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Baskin Robbins announces winning Canadian flavoured ice cream

BeaverTails Pastry won ice cream franchise system Baskin Robbins' social media competition, "The Great Canadian Flavour Debate."

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Summer Brings New Fruit Smoothies To Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts Expands Beverage Menu with Fruit Smoothies Made with Real Fruit and Yogurt, As Well As Coolatta Lite and Frozen Dunkaccino

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The Goddard School's Dynamic Learning Through Play Curriculum Comes To Houston, TX's Cypress Area

Premier Preschool Now Open For Enrollment To The City Community

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Maui Wowi Hawaiian's New Franchisees Discover Solution to Battered Career Syndrome

Becoming owners of a fun coffee and smoothie franchise concept has a Missouri couple excited for the future.

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Back to School Enrollment Opens at Primrose Schools®

Premier preschools help children develop the right foundation for future learning and life.

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Coverall® Expands Presence Throughout California and Announces New Regional Vice Presidents

Leading Franchisor of Commercial Cleaning Businesses Targets Southern California as Growing Market

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Shopping with 7-Eleven Just Got a Lot More Convenient

Retailer Teams with Postmates for On Demand Delivery in San Francisco

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New Orangetheory Fitness Studio Coming to Ann Arbor

High-Intensity Interval Fitness Franchise Continues Expansion With New Michigan Studio 

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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Appoints New Marketing And Communications Director Of International Headquarters

Dawn Kroeger has been promoted to marketing and communications director of its company headquarters in Lansing, Mich.

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Sport Clips Haircuts Ranked by FORBES as "Best Franchise to Buy"

Sport Clips Haircuts, the nation's leading men's and boys' hair care provider, is ranked by FORBES as a top 10 "Best Franchise to Buy."

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Crunch Franchise Announces Newest Location In Vista, CA

The innovative group fitness programming and cutting-edge training offerings, looks to continue to spread its 'No Judgments' philosophy through the San Diego area with the grand opening of Crunch Vista.

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Wayback Burgers Launches High-Protein Milkshakes Made from Crickets and Jerky

America's Hometown Burger Joint Unveils the Jerky Milkshake and Oreo® Mud Pie Cricket Protein Milkshake Available Nationwide Through September 30

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Express Employment Professionals and Volunteers Help Fight Hunger

More than 225 Express Employment Professionals offices from California to North Carolina to Canada came together at local food banks and pantries across North America to help fight hunger.

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Biggby® Coffee Adds Its Second Flag To The U.P.

Biggby Coffee Is Opening The Second Upper Peninsula Location In Marquette

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CPR Cell Phone Repair Opens New Franchise Store in Charleston, SC

Landis clayton is enthusiastically welcomed to CPR's rapidly expanding network wtih the opening of his new franchise store in Charleston, SC. 

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Brightway Insurance Celebrates Two Growth Milestones

As of June 1, the company has sold 250,000 policies and one of its agencies has now written more than 10,000 policies.

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Arooga's® Grille House & Sports Bar Signs Fourth Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement

Growing Industry Power House Enters into Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement With JGJO Development co. LLC to Expand the Award-Winning Brand to its Sixth State

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Mosquito Squad: National Mosquito Control Awareness Week June 21-27

Backyard Hacks To Reduce Mosquito Population And Keep Your Family Comfortable And Bite Free.

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FASTSIGNS® Exhibits at 2015 IFE to Enhance Domestic and International Expansion

Signage & Visual Graphics Franchisor Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Visual Communication Technologies at Nation's Largest Franchise Expo

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Pizza Pizza Opens its First Location in Beamsville

Canada´s leading pizza chain, has announced the opening of its first restaurant in Beamsville, Ontario.

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Jeunesse is No. 1 Fastest Growing DSA Company on the Inc. 500

Jeunesse Ranks in Top 5% of Fastest Growing Companies Nationwide

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Liberty Tax Service to Report Fiscal 2015 Results on June 18 

Liberty Tax, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAX), parent company of Liberty Tax Service, announced today that it will report its earnings for fiscal 2015 before the market opens on Thursday, June 18, 2015. 

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uBreakiFix Surfaces as Leader in Tech Repair Industry 

Franchise Enterprise Grows to $50MM in Less Than 6 Years with Zero Debt or Private Equity Investment. 

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Planet Fitness Opens 1,000th Club

Judgement Free Zone® opens 1,000th club and celebrates by offering a free day of fitness at all locations nationwide, a special sale of $10 down and $10 a month and more.

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Great First Quarter 2015 News for Wayback Burgers

Wayback signed an additional 62 new agreements in the first quarter of 2015, bringing their total to over 350 stores in development world-wide.

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Carvel Teams Up with Reese's to Introduce New Ice Cream 

Ice Cream Brand Debuts Full Line of Reese's® Peanut Butter Ice Cream Treats and Novelties

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New Orangetheory Fitness Studio Coming to Blue Bell

High-Intensity Interval Fitness Franchise Continues Expansion With New Pennsylvania Studio

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