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ORLANDO, Fl. - December 15, 2015 - OK Franchise Group adds OK Can Cleaning Service franchise concept to its Franchises4Veterans program.

OK Can Cleaning decided to join Franchises4Veterans as it was created after OK Franchise Group, studied other veteran transition initiatives which offered some savings to Veterans on the initial franchise fee, or monthly fees, or both.

However, these offers of assistance were subject to the individual Franchisor agreeing to join a particular scheme as long as they offered a minimum reduction in their respective fees to the Veteran.

However, OK Franchise Group, believed that these offers did not go far enough, as the Franchisor was not really giving back that much to the Veteran as a thank you for their loyal service to their given country.

This gesture of help, although well meaning, we believe does not really affect the Franchisor's overall earnings across the term of the franchise agreement, as it is short term assistance, but not necessarily of long term benefit to the Veteran, particularly if they have ongoing medical problems, that could impact on their performance as a franchisee.

As a result, OK Franchise Group decided to create Franchises4Veterans to give Veterans real substantial short and long term assistance, that clearly demonstrated to the Veteran that the Franchisor was actually investing its own money in the Veteran, by not only giving up some of their initial earnings in the short term, but giving long term assistance throughout the whole of the franchise term.

Therefore, OK Franchise Group developed a system whereby the Veteran would receive substantial Financial assistance in the beginning, the middle and most of all, over the whole term of their franchise business. This program now means that qualified Veterans can receive not only initial savings, but also long term assistance with finances, business management, training and consoling, for the whole of the franchise term.

This assistance includes:

  • Lower initial franchise fee.
  • Interest free financial assistance for the franchise equipment.
  • No Royalty Fees for the whole of the franchise term for their first franchise outlet.
  • No minimum performance requirements.
  • A dedicated help desk for Veterans to call.
  • A "Drop Hands" option, whereby, if a Veteran can no longer manage to continue with their franchise business, due to illness, or a disability, which is attributable to their military service, they are free to just hand back their franchise without any further penalty.

The initiative not only helps Veterans to afford to start their own franchise business, it also provides them with ongoing financial assistance in the early days, as well as help and support, as well as the opportunity to keep a lot more of what they earn over the franchise term. This initiative is a quantifiable thank you to Veterans, for their loyal service to the country, while allowing the Franchisor to give something back to those that gave so much to their country, during their military service.
This veterans transition initiative, is available to all Veterans of the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom armed forces, who have been honourably discharged, as we believe they have the skills and experience the civilian world wants, i.e. discipline, knowledge, and commitment.

OK Franchise Group's veterans transition initiative enables Veterans to enter franchising at a lower capital cost with the different concepts available, as they have agreed to provide the above extra benefits for the whole of the 10-year franchise agreement for the initial franchise outlet. This offer is not available to any other Franchisee, that way Veterans get the best as they have earned it.

OK Franchise Group has 75 franchise outlets internationally, which specializes in four bespoke services. Therefore, qualifying veterans who are interested in information on any of these franchise concepts just need to visit any of the following links to receive free, no obligation, information on their preferred choice.

SOURCE: OKfranchisegroup.com