uBreakiFix Surfaces as Leader in Tech Repair Industry

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2015) - The onset of digital technology in the hands of consumers in the early 2000s made the boxy, tube-based TV repairman's services seemingly obsolete. Consumers turned to device replacement for lack of reliable repair for items like mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and others.

The ever-increasing cost of devices makes this replacement trend difficult. It was this reality and personal experience that motivated three friends to launch a reliable repair alternative. Orlando-based  uBreakiFix is now changing the way consumers handle broken technology and growing at the speed of "tech."

"In today's society, we would rather part with our left arms than our cell phone for the weekend -- let alone to send them across the States for repair in some guy's basement," said Justin Wetherill, founder of uBreakiFix. "Replacement has been the only option for more than a decade because people have not had a reliable alternative."

uBreakiFix specializes in same-day repair service of small electronics, mending cracked screens, water damage, software issues, camera issues, and any other problem at its more than 100 stores nationwide. With an average repair cost of $85 in its stores, uBreakiFix has saved Americans more than $500 million in replacement costs since inception in 2009. The brand repaired its one-millionth device on Tuesday, May 19, at 5:08 p.m.

Shattered Phone Launches Entrepreneurial Success
In 2008, 21-year-old Justin Wetherill dropped his high-end smartphone, shattering the screen. To his surprise, the in-store screen replacement cost was more than what he initially paid for the device. He sought alternatives online finding no verifiably trustworthy services. He ordered parts online to try to fix it himself and ended up doing more damage. He said if he had difficulty repairing the broken device as a tech-savvy young adult, no doubt others were as well. 

Wetherill called David Reiff, an engineer and friend, and the two ultimately repaired the phone and launched a service offer on eBay to test demand. Orders flooded in. Wetherill and Reiff juggled fulltime jobs, repairing devices at night from Wetherill's home and shipping repaired devices within 24 hours of receipt.

Demand grew quickly and after only a couple of months, the pair hired Carlos Marmo to repair phones during the workday but found it difficult to keep up with the influx of business.

Eddie Trujillo, a friend and local business owner, advised Wetherill and Reiff to open a brick-and-mortar repair shop in Orlando, putting down all of money to launch for 50 percent equity in sales. The local shop opened in August 2009 and quickly outpaced the eBay market, which served the entire nation.

With no debt, no investors, no loans and no consultants, the trio expanded to four Florida stores within four months.

Growing From Startup Into A National Brand
uBreakiFix now has more than 600 employees between its more than 100 company-owned and franchise stores across the United States and Canada, repairing a total of approximately 50,000 devices each month.

"A bunch of young entrepreneurs went from a bedroom project to a booming, $50 million business in seven years," said Wetherill. "This is a story of trial, error and hard work. It can still be done. So many people feel the options are limited -- but that's not the case. The American Dream is still alive and well."

Wetherill says the biggest risk with growing is losing the desired customer experience. uBreakiFix created an intensive, 3-week training at its Orlando headquarters to ensure streamlined, superior service at each of its locations.

"Our goal is to take a relatively traumatic experience and make it hassle-free," said Wetherill. "Customers walk in upset because they have a broken device. Our challenge is to not only fix their devices, but to make it so easy that when they break something the next time, it doesn't ruin their day."

Not Just for Cell Phones
uBreakiFix stores employ technology experts and carry parts for a wide array of devices -- from Apple iPhones and iPads to laptop computers, televisions, game consoles and more.

By 2016, the brand expects to have a total of 175 stores across North America.

About uBreakiFix 
Founded in 2009, uBreakiFix specializes in the repair of small electronics, ranging from smartphones, game consoles, tablets, computers and everything in between. Cracked screens, water damage, software issues, camera issues, and most any other problem can be repaired by visiting a uBreakiFix store across the U.S. and in Canada. For more information, visit  ubreakifix.com.




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