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October 9-10, 2020: Tampa Convention Center

Fri. 11am-5pm · Sat 11am-5pm · $8 at the door · Purchase Online

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Seminar Schedule

Seminar Room is Presented by: Allstate

** Times and topics are subject to change

Friday, October 11, 2019



Harrison Ambs 

12:00 PM

Digital Marketing And The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Seminar presented by: Harrison Ambs   Vectra Digital

In this session you will learn:

  • Gain an understanding on the next big trend in digital marketing
  • Learn about how artificial intelligence can help supercharge their campaigns
  • Get a deeper insight into their own customer behavior and have insights to help improve their own operations


Paul Griffin 

12:45 PM

5 Lessons I Learned in My First Year as a Small Business Owner

Seminar presented by: Paul Griffin   Allstate Insurance Company

This session will cover:

  • Hear from an experienced Sales Leader who consults on a daily basis with over 30 Allstate Agency Owners.
  • Learn the keys of launching a successful small business.
  • Also hear from the experiences from a current Allstate Agency Owner.


Larry Pettit 

1:30 PM

Buying a Franchise 101 – What You Need to Know to Acquire Your Ideal Franchise

Seminar presented by: Larry PettitFranPros

This session will cover

  • What Makes a Successful Franchise Owner
  • Why Due Diligence Matters
  • The Real Relationship between You and the Franchisor


Christina Hobbs 

2:15 PM

Franchising & Liabilities

Seminar presented by: Christina Hobbs

In this session you will learn:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls when purchasing a franchise.
  • How to choose the right franchise for them.
  • How to understand exactly what they are getting into.


Mark Katz

3:00 PM

8 Success Factors in Business

Seminar presented by: Mark KatzThe M David Katz Company

Mark has agreed to take these life lessons and share a tested approach to achieving success in Consulting. This workshop is valuable if you:

  • Want a breakthrough to achieve unprecedented growth.
  • Want to take a fresh look at your business.
  • Want to learn the secrets from the most successful businesses.


Saturday, October 12, 2019



Jenny Sutter 

12:00 PM

How Do You Know Which Franchise Is Right For You?

Seminar presented by: Jenny SutterFranNet

This session will cover

  • Learn about franchise models: owner-operator, owner-executive, semi-absentee
  • What things you need to consider before investing into a franchise
  • Understand the importance of finding a franchise that is your match-fit


Heidi Simos 

12:45 PM

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Franchising

Seminar presented by: Heidi Simos   The Entrepreneur's Source



Cliff Nonnenmacher 

1:30 PM

Use Your Retirement Funds To Start A Business Tax Deferred & Penalty Free

Seminar presented by: Cliff NonnenmacherFranocity

This session will cover

  • Learn about your financing options.
  • Learn how the tax reform plan helps new Entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how to use your 401K or IRA to by your business tax free.


Chris Conner

2:15 PM

How to Start Your Own Business – Franchising vs. Small Business Start Up

Seminar presented by: Chris ConnerFranchise Marketing Systems

Building a business plan, market strategy and defining goals for your new business start-up. The good and bad of buying a franchise vs. starting your own business or buying an existing business.


Steven Cooper 

3:00 PM

How to Use your 401k to Finance Your Business Start Up

Seminar presented by: Steven Cooper

It's easier than you may think to use your own money to finance your business start-up.  Learn how to leverage your 401k with NO penalties and NO taxes to realize your dream of business ownership.