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 ** Times and topics are subject to change


Saturday, March 12, 2022


12:00 PM

How to Use your 401k to Finance Your Business Start Up

Seminar presented by: Steven Cooper ~

It's easier than you may think to use your own money to finance your business start-up. Learn how to leverage your 401k with NO penalties and NO taxes to realize your dream of business ownership.


12:45 PM

Growth Strategies, Attracting Overseas Investors & Taking Your Franchise Global

Seminar presented by: Avinash Nichkawde  ~  A N Global Consulting

What will you learn:

  • Business Turn Around And Group Strategies
  • Franchising for Overseas Investors
  • Taking Your Franchise Opportunity Global


1:30 PM

The Franchise Continuum: The Key Criteria for Selecting a Franchise

Seminar presented by: David Busker  ~  Franchise Vision

What will you learn:

  • Questions to ask to see if franchising is right for you
  • The most critical criteria for franchise ownership - your place on the Franchise Continuum™
  • Which parts of the Franchise Continuum™ have thrived during Covid

2:15 PM

Leadership In Your Franchise

Seminar presented by: Lysa Bozel ~ Meta Frequency



3:00 PM

How to Master Linkedin and your Lead Flow

Seminar presented by: Logan Pitts ~ Kennected

What you will learn:

  • Ninja Level Hacks for your Linkedin Profile
  • How to target your perfect audience in seconds!
  • How Kennected can automate your personal outreach from Linkedin
  • How to create powerful messages that actually work!



Sunday, March 13, 2022

12:00 PM

Small Business and Franchise Funding in 2022

Seminar presented by: Jodi Rowell Tenet Financial Group

This session will cover :
  • How to fund a business using equity or debt, or both
  • The dangers of an underfunded business
  • How to have a capitalization strategy from day 1 and beyond

12:45 PM

How to Start Your Own Business – Franchising vs. Small Business Start Up

Seminar presented by: Chris Conner ~ Franchise Marketing Systems

Building a business plan, market strategy and defining goals for your new business start-up. The good and bad of buying a franchise vs. starting your own business or buying an existing business.


1:30 PM

A to Zee: 5 Steps of Due Diligence

Seminar presented by: Lynne D. Shelton, Esq ~ Shelton Law & Associates

This seminar is catered to those who are looking to purchase a franchise but are unsure on where to start. Attendees will leave knowing what steps to take, what questions to ask the Franchisor and how to strategically plan for a life as a business owner.

Key Points:

  • Funding your Franchise
  • Consulting the Pros
  • Legal Roles and Needs
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Franchisee
  • Validation – questions to ask other Franchisees
  • Effective questions to ask every Franchisor


2:15 PM

Empowering Franchise Success

Seminar presented by: Steve Phelps ~ Franchise Genesis

3 key points of what you will learn at my seminar.

  • Build It
  • Launch It
  • Scale It





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