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OAS Toronto Exhibitor Manual

Welcome and thank you for choosing to be a participant in The National Franchise Show – Vancouver.

Please take a moment to read the exhibitor manual, which will provide you with all of the necessary information for the preparation and installation of your exhibit.  Processing your orders at your earliest convenience will allow us and the service-contractors time to provide you with the best possible rates & service.

The Show Office will be set up at the Vancouver Convention Centre Friday April 5, 2024  at 12pm and management will be available to assist you for the duration of the Show.


Table of Content


Show Location

Vancouver Convention Centre East
Hall A
999 Canada Place
Vancouver BC
V6C 0C3

Show Dates & Times

Saturday, April 6, 2024  | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, April 7, 2024  | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Exhibitor Move-in Times

Friday, April 5, 2024 | 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Exhibitor Move-Out Dates & Times

Sunday, April 7, 2024 |  5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Produced By

National Event Management
Suite #102
260 Town Centre Blvd.,
Markham ON
L3R 8H8
Tel: (905) 477-2677 or (800) 891-4859
Fax: (905) 477-7872

Exhibitor Coordinator

Emily Huang
905 477-2677 or (800) 891-4859 Ext 284

Exhibitor Checklist

Please print a copy of this checklist to assist you in planning for the Show. To take advantage of “early booking discounts” please note booking deadlines.





Audio Visual is not supplied to your booth. If you require Audio Visual equipment, you can order online with ProShow bt CLICKING HERE 

Please direct all questions to:
Vancouver Convention Center




Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining their own booth space. If you require in-booth vacuuming please complete the online order here.  

Please direct all questions to:
Vancouver Convention Centre
Call +1-604-674-7480




Dismantling or removing your exhibit/exhibit materials before the end of the show is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitors are encouraged to remove small items and open cases of products from the show floor first. Show Management will take all reasonable security precautions, but immediate removal of these items is the best way to prevent pilferage.

Should you require assistance setting up or dismantling your booth, please Order Online Here   

1. You will be prompted to either register as a new exhibitor OR sign in as a returning exhibitor
2. If you do not know your booth number please enter “0” (zero)
3. Online ordering available until March 29, 2024

If you would prefer you can also summit  the below forms to;

Levy Show Services
Tel: (604) 277-1726



Cross Connect Customs & Logistics is our designated official customs broker to coordinate customs clearance of goods destined for The Franchise Expo. Please make sure you contact them at least one month prior to the event in order to arrange your custom needs.

If you have any questions please contact:
Pat D’Alessandro
Cell: 416-726-7229



BOOKING DEADLINE: March 15, 2024 

Electrical is not supplied to your booth. If you require an electrical hookup, please complete the online order here

Please direct all questions to:
Vancouver Convention Centre
Call +1-604-674-7480


Exhibitor Badge


We have implemented a new automatic badge system to simplify the request process. Please follow this link  to complete your badge request form. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion.

Exhibitors are provided with up to a maximum of 6 personalized name badges based on the size of your booth.   

10×10 booth – 3 booth staff
10×20 booth – 5 booth staff 
300 feet or larger – 6 booth staff 

Badges will be available for pick up at the Show Office during move-in and must be worn to gain admittance to the Show.


Exhibitor Parking

Our event is located in the East Building of the Convention Center; therefore, we recommend that you park in The Canada Place parkade this is managed by Indigo Parking (Lot: #34, Tel:604-684-2251; Fax: 604-684-2254; Toll Free: 1-866-856-8080; Email:

Located at the north end of Howe Street at Canada Place, this two level self-pay parking facility has 750 stalls and is accessible 24 hours per day from the Canada Place entrance. Entrance and exit is off of Canada Place at the foot of Howe Street with an additional exit to Waterfront road on P2. Vehicle clearance is 6’6″. Indigo offers solutions for parking needs ranging from short term visitors to monthly parkers, hotel guests, event exhibitors and cruise ship guests.

 For current rate information, please see:

 Parking spaces may be reserved at:

Use Convention Centre/Hotel elevators (not World Trade Centre elevators)

For Convention Level: Press “G” for Registration, Ballrooms & Exhibits. For Meeting Rooms: Press “M” If arriving from alternate parking locations, enter the Vancouver Convention Centre through the lobby doors located to the west of the hotel entrance.  Ballrooms and Exhibition Halls are at lobby level.

EZ Backdrops

If you require a pop-up banner or backdrop, please contact:

EZ Backdrops
Phone: 678-717-1222

Food Sampling


The Vancouver Convention Centre retains the exclusive right to provide and control all food & beverage services for any event held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Exhibitors May only produce samples of product that they serve and/or produce for the purpose of promoting their merchandise.

Please send the below information to Roya Roohi: & by March 6, 2024

  1. Booth Number:
  2. Booth Name:
  3. Company Name:
  4. Point contact for booth:
  5. Point contact persons cell phone number:
  6. Items you would like to sample:
  7. Dates of sampling:
  8. Will you be making your item on-site or will it be pre-package?

Exhibitors must agree to the following:

  • Sampling is limited to 4 ounces of liquid and 1 ounce of food – the product must be made and or manufactured by your company.

Those exhibitors approved for product sampling must be 100% self-sufficient on the show floor with all necessary equipment required for service. The Vancouver Convention Centre does not rent equipment or permit use of the facilities fridges/freezers. Power for your booth can be ordered through VCC Exhibitor Services.



If you are sampling a food or beverage product, you must complete the Temporary Food Services Application and send it to Estelle Aliwalas ( )

If you are handling food at your booth you will require a temporary hand washing station (See example attached) If handling raw meat, fish or poultry – a full sink with hot and cold running water under pressure is required.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact
Estelle Aliwalas,




Raise awareness and let people know you will be at The National Franchise Show! Increase traffic to your booth by sharing free admission passes to the event. There is no limit to the number of FREE Admission Passes you may share to your email database, as well as on social media.

You can also distribute a customized FREE Admission Pass to promote your participation at the show. If you are interested, please email with a high-resolution logo (.jpg, .eps, .pdf format accepted).


BOOKING DEADLINE: March 5, 2024 

Rooms and discounted rate will only be held until the specified date.
Rooms will then be subject to availability at prevailing rates.

We have obtained a group rate of $259.00 + taxes at the Exchange Hotel Vancouver

EXchange Hotel Vancouver
475 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 2B3

Reservations can be made by booking online here

To receive this rate, you must mention that you are with Use the promo code NEM2023 when booking. Rates cannot be changed at check-in/check-out times if you fail to identify your affiliation at the time of booking.


Insurance for booth/show
Exhibitors must have their own liability insurance covering a minimum of $1 million in damages. Please list National Event Management as “additional insured”.

Transportation Insurance
Show Management is NOT responsible for damages caused during the transportation of your products. We strongly recommend purchasing transportation insurance when booking your shipments.

Exhibitors will be liable for, will indemnify, and will hold harmless Show Management from any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to, or suffered by, any person or company. This includes, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, exhibitor, other exhibitors, management, the owners of the building and their respective agents, servants and employees, and members of the public attending the show, either (a) on the said space or (b) elsewhere. Neither the facility nor Show Management will be responsible for loss or damage to persons, exhibits, or decorations by fire, accident, theft, or any cause while in the exhibition buildings.

Lead Retrieval System

We offer a Lead Collection system at the The National Franchise Show. This system uses any smartphone or internet enabled device (no scanners needed). Attendees contact info (name, email and cell if provided) will be pre-populated into the software to make your lead collection easy on-site and your post-show follow-up effortless.

Please send your completed order form to if you would like to sign up for this system.

Please note: This is not a complete list of attendees. It is a lead retrieval service to help you capture leads quickly and accurately.

If you have already selected lead retrieval upon registering, you do not need to fill out a form.


Loading Docks

The VCC has a loading dock management system powered by Voyage Control.

This complimentary service helps you to reserve a time slot for moving your materials directly in/out of the VCC loading dock. This seamless loading dock management system not only saves you time, but also helps to reduce Co2 emissions in local area.

Health & Safety requires each exhibitor to wear a safety vest during move-in & move – out. Safety vests are available for purchase on the VCC online ordering platform and will be stored at the Service Desk/Exhibit Services Office for pickup during event move-in. Alternatively the VCC  vending machines available throughout the Vancouver Convention Centre offering safety vests for purchase.


Dollies and a pump truck will be available for your use. If you require a forklift to move material from the dock to your booth, a forklift will be available to you.  However, if you have excessive forklift requirements please speak with Haelee Jones ( )  to discuss your needs.  A charge may apply. Each freight elevator can hold up to 10,000 lb.

Deliveries for the East building should be directed to the East truck route located at the foot of Howe Street where it meets Canada Place.

The East truck route has one-way access only and is 16’ wide (4.88 m). There is an incline of 3’6″ (1.07 m) over a 35′ (10.67 m) section, as well as an overhang with a clearance of 13’11” (4.24 m) at the access point to the exhibit halls. The incline will allow a standard 40’ (12.19 m) trailer with a bottom clearance of no less than 12″ (30.48 cm) to enter exhibit halls.

The loading area consists of three loading bays, which can accommodate trailers up to 30′ (9.14 m) in length. All three bays have levelers. Loading dock clearance is 13’10” (4.22 m) high, 12′ (3.66 m) wide. Exhibit Halls A & C have limited drive-on access through roll-up doors for full-sized trailers.

Measurements of roll-up doors are as follows: East Exhibit Hall A: 19′ (5.79 m) high, 17’6″ (5.33 m) wide

Maximum length of vehicles for drive-on access to exhibit halls is as follows: East Exhibit Hall A: 60′ (18.29 m)

Please do not deliver freight or load and unload at hotel entrances or elevators.

East Loading docks can NOT accommodate any transport vehicles larger than a 5 ton truck. A pup or 53’ trailer will not have access to loading docks.

Move-in Instructions

Move-in Times:               Friday April 5, 2024           12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • All exhibitors must officially register before setting up. Exhibitors will not be permitted to set up during show hours.
  • All exhibits must be set up by 6:00 pm Friday. 
  • The aisle carpet will be in place Saturday morning. Dollies and carts WILL NOT be permitted on the carpet.  Hand-carried items only may be brought in on Saturday.
  • Children 15 years of age or younger will not be permitted in the exhibit area during move-in, set-up, or tear down.

Move-out Instructions

Move-out Times:               Sunday April 7, 2024      5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Please note that move-out will begin once the show has closed, the aisles are cleared and the aisle carpets removed. If you are able to hand carry your supplies out to your car, we encourage you to do so. Dismantling or removing your exhibit/exhibit materials before the end of the show is strictly prohibited

All material must be removed by 10:00 pm

Items left on the show floor after move-out time will be forced off the floor. Show Management reserves the right to reroute shipments that are not picked up or refused by carriers. Should this occur, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.

Exhibitors are encouraged to remove small items and open cases of products from the show floor first. Show Management will take all reasonable security precautions, but immediate removal of these items is the best way to
prevent pilferage.

Rules & Regulations

Diagram #1: Sample of the drape provided for your booth
Diagram #2: Sample of display allowance

Upright banners & products must be within 4’ from the back drape, and a maximum of 8’ high. The front 6’ of the booth must be clear above 4’.


Booth Display & Restrictions

  • Diagram#1 shows the drapes that are provided as a part of your booth cost.
  • Diagram#2 shows the allowed clearance for displays, banners, and products within your booth.
  • No exhibit may exceed a maximum height of 8 ft.
  • Side panels 8 ft. high, must not exceed a depth of 4 ft. extending from the back of the display.
  • The remainder of the 6 ft depth from the front of the booth must not exceed a 4 ft. height.
  • Any exceptions to this must have pre-approval from Haelee Jones ( ) .

Prefab booth partitions must be finished on both sides. If they are not, please request drapes prior to the show.


No signage or material may be extended above the 8ft height at the back of your booth nor hung from the ceiling or across the aisle, without approval from Show Management. All signs must be printed on one side only. Your brand messaging can only face the inner walls of your exhibit space.

Carpet or Flooring

Carpet or Flooring is mandatory for all exhibits. You can use the show decorator below or you are welcome to bring in your own at your own cost. See Tape Restrictions below.

Tape (Floor, Wall, and Carpet Damage)

This only applies to companies that choose to place carpet or flooring on top of the existing carpet.

This only applies to companies that choose to place carpet or flooring on top of the existing carpet.
It is important that you use the proper carpet tape in your booth. If you do not use the correct tape there will be a charge for tape removal.
Here are the models of two-faced tapes that are authorized by the facility.

  • Polyken 105c LPDE
  • Scapa 274004
  • DC W002A

If you bring your own carpet, you must adhere to the above Tape Restrictions. If you do not have the proper tape, please notify Show Management before installing your carpet or tiles.

If you would like to install your carpet on top of the existing carpet, please contact Haelee Jones ( )

Restrictions for Booth Installation

Painting, nailing, drilling, or screwing to the floors, walls or any other part of the building is not permitted. Exhibitors are also responsible for oil, grease, or any general damage to the carpeted area. Exhibitors wishing to lay any floor coverings may not fasten the coverings to the building floor. It is suggested that building paper or the approved tape (Polyken 105c LPDE OR Scapa 274004 OR DC W002A) is used instead.


Displays, demonstrations or distribution of advertising materials, are not permitted outside the confines of your booth. If audio visual equipment is used, the sound must be subdued to such an extent as to ensure it’s having no nuisance effect on neighbouring exhibitors. The use of microphones is not permitted without prior management approval.

Fire Regulations

All exhibitors planning to use any type of fuel (such as gas, oil, helium gas, or propane) in their exhibits are requested to contact Show Management. All displays or exhibited materials must be fireproof to conform to Federal, Provincial/Sate, and City Fire Laws.
National Event Management is obligated to abide by the Fire Code regulations in each city. We therefore retain the right to refuse any material or object that does not confirm to code. If you have a question or need information re the Fire Code please contact Haelee Jones ( )


Animals in the Show

The facility’s policy prohibits the presence of animals unless they are used as a working dog for the blind. Permission must be obtained from the facility for any exception. Please contact Haelee Jones ( )  regarding approval and the necessary forms.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are prohibited in most venues. There is a large retrieval fee, charged to the exhibitor when balloons are lost. Please contact Haelee Jones ( )  if you wish to use helium balloons in your display.

Mechanical Conveyances

Mechanical Conveyances such as electric carts, scooters, or bicycles will not be allowed in the aisles during the show hours. The only exceptions to this rule will be in the case of handicapped persons visiting the show, or those with authorization from Show Management.


National Event Management reserves the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to the rules and regulations without notice, as considered necessary to the efficient and proper conduct of the show. Interpretation of these rules and regulations shall rest with Show Management and non-compliance can result in ejection of the offending exhibitor or in the closing of his/her exhibit.


Shipping Direct to Show: April 5, 2024 

PLEASE NOTE: The facility will NOT accept shipments prior to the Show move-in date. Show Management will sign for the delivery on your behalf during move-in hours only.  Your materials will be left at the dock until you arrive.  To move your items to your booth space, pump trucks and dollies will be available at no charge.  Should you require assistance or the use of a forklift, please contact Haelee Jones ( )  as charges may apply.

Please address shipments to:

Company name, Booth number
c/o The National Franchise Show – Vancouver
Vancouver Convention Centre- Hall A
Via East Truck Route (at foot of Howe St.)
999 Canada Place
Vancouver BC
V6C 3C1

The most cost-effective way to ship your items to the show is to arrange delivery during move in hours with our Official Show Carrier;

Cross Connect Customs & Logistics
Pat D’Alessandro
Cell: 416-726-7229


Pre-Show Shipping

If you choose the official show carrier as your freight carrier, they will warehouse materials for up to 30 days prior to the Show  and deliver them to the show on move-in day.

To request a quote, please complete the below order form and email to:

Cross Connect Customs & Logistics
Pat D’Alessandro
Tel: 416-726-7229


Shipping enquiries must be finalized 14 days prior to show move in date. Be sure your shipment is labeled clearly.

You may choose to use another carrier however, keep in mind that not all carriers deliver and pick up during our scheduled move in/move out times.

Show Decorator (to order tables, chairs, accessories, etc.)


Carpet, 8ft back drape and 3 ft side drape are supplied for your exhibit space. If you require tables, chairs or additional booth supplies, these items can be rented from

Show Colours

  • Booth Drapes : Black
  • This is a multi-colour, carpeted hall

You can order online by CLICKING HERE

1. You will be prompted to either register as a new exhibitor OR sign in as a returning exhibitor

2. If you do not know your booth number please enter “0” (zero)

3. Online ordering available until March 29, 2024

If you would prefer you can also fill in the forms below and send them to

Levy Show Services
Tel: (604) 277-1726


Show Guide Ad & Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a number of ways to increase your brand awareness at our shows.  Additional ad space is available in our Show Guides that are distributed to attendees and sponsorship recognition includes show guide space, on-site signage, & online presence.  For more information, please contact Nadine at or 905-477-2677 ext. 229.

Telephone / Internet / WIFI

BOOKING DEADLINE: March 15, 2024

Telephone / Internet / WIFI  is not supplied to your booth. If you require a telephone or internet line, or access to WIFI   in your booth, please complete the online order  here 

Please direct all questions to:
Vancouver Convention Centre
Call +1-604-674-7480


Vehicles on Show Floor

Deadline for Application: March 6, 2024

All vehicles must abide by the arrival and departure schedules and procedures established by Show Management.  Please contact Haelee Jones ( )  with make/model, weight, height, and length  for approval.

When motorized vehicles are approved for use, a protective sheet of visqueen, tarpaulin or comparable material May be required to eliminate damages from leaks of gas, oil, etc., at the exhibitor’s expense.

Measurements of roll-up doors are as follows: East Exhibit Hall A: 19′ (5.79 m) high, 17’6″ (5.33 m) wide

Maximum length of vehicles for drive-on access to exhibit halls is as follows: East Exhibit Hall A: 60′ (18.29 m)

Any vehicles to be displayed are subject to the following conditions:

  • Fuel tanks must not be more than 1/4 full
  • Fuel caps must be taped or locked shut
  • Drip pans must be placed under vehicle
  • Ignition must be disabled or the vehicle locked and hood inoperable from the outside of the vehicle
  • Keys must be left with guest services
  • Vehicles equipped with pressurized nitrous oxide tanks must have the tanks emptied prior to display in the facility.
  • For safety reasons the use of spray bottles for cleaning and detailing of display vehicles is prohibited inside as the overspray can create a slippery and therefore dangerous floor surface.

Exhibitors are responsible for oil, grease, or any general damage to the carpeted area.

Exhibitors must provide a set of keys, the contact name, and phone number of the person responsible to remove the vehicle(s) to Show Management.